Friday, August 22, 2008

Why beetroot became red

Had read this little story.... funny and cute for kids to learn :)
Long ago in the woods of Sundarbans delta there lived a beetroot family. It was a small family with the Mother beetroot, the Father beetroot and a son beetroot.

While the mother beetroot and father beetroot believed in God and never told lies, the son beetroot was a very big liar. He used to lie for no reason. Even to his parents.

Because the son beetroot was a liar, the other beetroots in his school refused to become his friends. He tried to make friends with cucumber, but cucumber just liked to relax in the sun. When the son beetroot went to make friends with drumstick, it beat him up for being a liar. With no friends in the school, beetroot did not feel like going to the school and stopped attending school.

Everyday, he would leave the house at eight in the morning and come back by four in the evening. He spent the whole day playing in the park. He lied to his mother beetroot and father beetroot that he was going to school.

One Sunday the son beetroot and the mother beetroot were going to the vegetable market. They met son beetroot’s schoolteacher and she immediately asked, “Son, why don’t you come to school?” At this the son beetroot could not say anything.

Then the mother beetroot asked her son, “I thought you were going to school?” At this, the son beetroot was very ashamed. He was caught lying. He became red with shame. He became shy, and his face turned redder and redder and redder. He became even redder when his teacher asked him why he lied to his parents.

Soon, everybody in the vegetable market was asking him why he had lied. The son beetroot did not know what to answer. He decided that day, that he will never tell lies again.
As a punishment for telling so many lies he is still very red.