Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Is a Mother the Live God on Land?

I was once posed a discussion. And the topic? The Greatness of Motherhood... It was on the ranks of: Motherness never touches the religion, beauty, money and fame. Only women can be praised as the next god who takes her second life after giving birth to the new infant life.
Now how much do I agree to it and feel about it...

All said might be true.. to an extent that the care and concern of a mother knows no bounds. Does that qualify ourselves to be paralleled to God? and only us too?

Frankly I think, its an emotional bonding that comes from within. We may be taking a second life with our little one's birth. But come to think of it. This talk had its roots when the medical advancement was not much and every woman during delivery was at a risk of loosing life. Are we facing the same situation today? Exceptions and criticality may be there here and there. but we definitely are in a state where we only look forward to being with the child without even a little thought of the life at risk. Women had that tension before but not prevalent now. We are safe. We are secure.

Motherhood and motherly love springs from the very day we realize that we are pregnant. Something is beginning within us. A life is starting to evolve. Naturally we who love our own things externally, tend to be extra emotional when it is sprouting from within. And a mother is born the day a baby is born. There is no surprise or something great when the mother feels attached to the being she has given birth to.

But come to think of it. Except for being the reason for the child, what else does the man do for it... Care for his wife?. Trust me, all men are cautious and concerned about their children and care for their wives. Share as much as they can. Most men do. And beyond everything, even a father is as old as the child and as old as a woman turned into a mother. When a father who doesnt carry the little one within him, can shower so much of love, care and affection on the child, why not the mother? and why equal only the woman to the God.. Just because we give birth?

I am proud being a mother. I love my child, be it in our good times or bad. I care not for anything material when it comes to him. But I dont consider myself Godly nor do I think, only a mother is entitled to be Godly or feel proud. Though the child may take sides from time to time, being close to one parent than the other, the love is no different. Its just a time based favoritism.

I feel both the mother and father are as old as a child. Coz they both are born as a father and mother only when the child is born. Its a new life to everyone. For a child, the mother and father are both equally important. Now that was a chance for me to think, if I am the only person to be proud of our son or both me and my husband share the pride!
Excuse me folks for the rant. Am I being too modest now ;)


  1. Very well said.. Ofcourse Motherhood is divine... But so is fatherhood and all relations based on love. I wouldnt say you are being modest.. But may be a lot honest ;)

  2. Hmm, this relationship is something that I always find difficult to understand. Be it mom or child. Where is the beginning and where is the end. Well said! Good, de, keep writing!