Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Dream

the train moved swiftly
gently along with the breeze
all in sleep so softly
the chillness around to freeze

tick tick tick on the cabin door
forcing me out of sleep
The man at door forced me to floor
my balance i could not keep

Edge of knife pointed at me
your favourite possesions part with
was told to me at cost so free
shattering in me the humanity myth

I tried not to succumb
But else what could I do then
My courage reduced to a tiny crumb
My life over the edge of knife, driven

Faint overcame me and I didnt know
As an angel came rescuing me
It was my friend after all i didnt know
with care so ample just so free

Little did I know that I would
Come home all so unharmed
with him to care for me I could
overcome this whole world just love armed.

© Jaysvimal ...
This was a dream I dreamt last night ;) Now what does that mean!!!

1 comment:

  1. - shheshhh...nightmare huh
    - May be 2010 is gonna free you from all your fears...what say?...optimistic huh:)